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Taos Bertrand
La fin des forêts

Taos Bertrand

Taos Bertrand

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La fin des forêts

How to make the horizon sensitive?

This piece is set on a cruising beach (a practice of the queer community combining flirting and sex in the public space, a practice where sociability is increased by desire); its dramaturgy braids together the abstract lines of the horizon and an erotic imagination; his bodies spread out, rub each other, cross each other, escape from the temptation of the athleticism; in the space, the hands and the arms trace the lines of horizon; on the skin, they figure the fleeting trace of the contacts and those more persistent of the touch; his figures navigate between the world of the dead and the world of the living, of Eros and Thanatos, of the human and the cyborg. Their rhythm combines the heaviness of mythical stories, the drama of Eurydice, Penelope and Ariadne and the suspense of the tactile encounter; their sound universe borrows from the tides and the “secret winds” (Edouard Glissant); its decor and costumes form a veiled case printed with virtual landscapes, their prisms blur, prevent identification; its remedy would allow to learn how to die; its policy is inscribed in the time of braiding of the images, at the same time in their excess and in their patient blooming, in their potential of birth.


Choreography and concetpion | Taos Bertrand
Dansce and interpretation | Taos Bertrand, Sherwood Chen, Nitsan Margaliot
Movement assistance | Léonore Zurflüh
Sound creation | PYUR (Sophie Schnell)
Light creation | Abigaïl Fowler
Digital creation | Mario Mu
Costumes | Cédrick Debeuf
Scenography | Bigtimestudio – Marion Flament & Jimme Cloo
Stage management | Hélène Coudrain
Photograph | Martin Argyroglo
Administration and artistic coordination | Soline de Warren
Development advice | Marion Gauvent

Co-productions | TAP-Théâtre auditorium de Poitiers, Ménagerie de verre (Paris), Espaces pluriels scène conventionnée danse-théâtre (Pau), La Manufacture CDCN (Bordeaux-La Rochelle), La Métive, lieu international de résidence de création artistique (Moutier d’Ahun, Creuse)
With the support of the DRAC-Nouvelle-Aquitaine within the framework of project aid, and of  OARA – Office artistique de la région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Support | Trauma bar und kino (accueil en résidence – Berlin), Lafayette anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Lafayettes (accueil en résidence – Paris)

This project was developed during Taos Bertrand’s residency at Villa Kujoyama with the support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and the Institut français.
With the participation of DICREAM

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