Latitudes Contemporaines
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Re-experience the festival #17 05 28 Juin 2019 Latitudes Contemporaines
  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille and Eurometropolis


international de la scène contemporaine

  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille and Eurometropolis
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The 17th edition of the festival Latitudes Contemporaines takes us to the discovery of new territories: a 24-days journey, through the Lille metropole and around, from the 5th to the 28h of June.

More than 50 artists of all disciplines, 10 atypical venues, 15 concerts… The festival jumps over physical and symbolic borders, to question exile and Eldorados with concerned artists.

  • 120 artists
  • 32 shows
  • 10 atypical venues
  • 20 free concerts
  • More than 15000 spectators

Cultural actions

  • 4 Participatory projects
  • 52 Participants
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