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Taos Bertrand

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Accompanied by plastic artist Patrick Laffont, Taos Bertrand returns to her identity as a child born under X. In the form of a choreographic autofiction, Orages attempts to reconstruct an absent memory, that of Kabyle’s native land, its mountainous reliefs and desert stretches.
With the main tools of describing an arid landscape and a belly dance in a mother’s womb, Orages explores the potentialities of self invention through body and fiction.
In turn, fathers and daughters, lovers and knights, the two protagonists make X the territory of a common narrative and resonate with the foreign bodies we are made up of.
An X but two, stronger and clearer.
An X of an ultramarine blue, not really that of the sea, not that of the ocean either.

Lightning on top.


Taos Bertrand: artistic direction, choreography, performance and text
Patrick Laffont: scenography, video and performance

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