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Re-experience the festival #21 06 28 Juin 2023 Latitudes Contemporaines
  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille and Eurometropolis


international de la scène contemporaine

  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille and Eurometropolis
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For 23 days, from June 6 to 28, the Latitudes Contemporaines festival once again took over the Lille metropolitan area: 12 venues, 27 shows, 110 artists, and over 10,000 of you!

A 21st edition that gave birth to a multitude of movements: in the bodies first of all, through shared dances that speak all languages; in the minds too, through the precious encounters and exchanges that took place throughout the month of June.
In and around the Lille metropolitan area, this edition spoke to us of transitions, transmissions and revolutions, both intimate and political. With its multi-disciplinary DNA, this year’s festival once again combined shows, concerts, parties and spaces for exchange and cross-fertilization.

At Latitudes Contemporaines, we are committed to sharing our eco-responsible and inclusive charter with our teams and the audiences who bring the festival to life: our commitments.

The festival has been awarded the EFFE Label

  • 10 000 spectators
  • 110 artists
  • 34 volunteers
  • 23 days
  • 27 performances
  • 12 venues

Cultural actions

Latitudes Contemporaines, through its festival and its production office, presents proposals that reflect our society. The team in charge of cultural action develops mediation projects with the aim of allowing all audiences to exchange and encounter contemporary creation. Motivate the curiosity of the public and nourish reflections, encourage critical minds to promote citizen emancipation: discover our cultural action projects!

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