Latitudes Contemporaines

Clarity Creativity Action (CCA) is a European project taking place between November 2023 and October 2025. The project is based on the Art Therapy Centre in Milan’s experience in Jordan in 2021 in a project involving Syrian and Palestinian refugee children, some of whom were severely disabled. Funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, the project emerges from the collaboration of six professionals in the fields of culture and/or humanitarian work. Their aim is to co-develop an embodiment and art therapy methodology, particularly designed for refugees: the Clarity, Creativity, Action method.

Built upon professional structures working with refugees, the project introduces an innovative approach through the CCA method, integrating body and artistic therapies to address trauma. In partnership with organizations from European and non-European countries, the project seeks to collaborate, share skills, and promote international cooperation. Partners include Latitudes Contemporaines (France), CAT Centro Arti Terapie (Italy), Nadiya (Finland), Future in Our Hands (Armenia), Al’Aadoun (Jordan), and Project School (Italy).

European countries are welcoming refugees from war-torn areas. Some organizations are taking care of them by providing services such as housing, food, and legal assistance. The CCA project aligns with the approach of providing care through the body and the arts. Alongside professionals in refugee support, local institutions and communities, and the beneficiaries themselves, CCA aims to offer an innovative resource using body and movement-based art therapy, driven by the urgent need to address the traumas created by exile.

More information on this ongoing project very soon!

Un groupe de personnes souriantes devant des bâtiments en briques rouges
Kick-off meeting of the CCA project in Lille, January 2024