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Festival #22 07 28 Juin 2024 Latitudes Contemporaines
  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille et Eurométropole


international de la scène contemporaine

  • Concerts
  • Debates
  • Live performance
  • Lille et Eurométropole
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Latitudes Contemporaines festival is back for its 22nd edition, from 7 to 28 June in Lille!

Since its inception, Latitudes Contemporaines has offered a broadly gender-balanced programme. This year, in view of the continuing under-representation of women and gender minorities on stage*, Latitudes Contemporaines has decided to reverse the trend. In 2024, women directors, authors and/or choreographers represent 78% of the artists invited by the festival.

They are choreographers, dancers, acrobats, performers, actors, gymnasts; they come from Belgium, Afghanistan, Hungary, France, Spain, Palestine, Ivory Coast, South Africa…

For Latitudes Contemporaines, in 2024, they are offering three weeks of performances with poignant stories and gestures, in which surpassing oneself is celebrated not only as an individual challenge, but also as a way of helping to build a more inclusive society.

Keeping balance, reclaiming space, mixing bodies, taking care… Once again this year, the festival will be combining multi-disciplinary performances, concerts, parties and opportunities for exchange and cross-fertilisation, showcasing more than twenty artists who are as committed physically as they are artistically and socially.


*On a national scale, only 36% of the shows on the programme were put on by artists from the performing arts.


  • 89 artists
  • 22 days
  • 30 performances
  • 10 venues

Cultural actions

Latitudes Contemporaines, through its festival and its production office, presents proposals that reflect our society. The team in charge of cultural action develops mediation projects with the aim of allowing all audiences to exchange and encounter contemporary creation. Motivate the curiosity of the public and nourish reflections, encourage critical minds to promote citizen emancipation: discover our cultural action projects!

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