Prieur de la Marne


Prieur de la Marne, a strange but suggestive name in homage to Pierre-Louis Prieur, deputy of the Marne to the Assembly Constituent Assembly of 1789. Leading figure of the French Revolution, he was nicknamed ” Crier of the Marne ” thanks to its eloquence and to his charisma unique, his origins and his studies in Reims. PM … As postmodern or as Prieur de la Marne. It is an atypical character in the musical landscape, taken out of the imagination of the ex-art director of Musics of the Present time festival (Elektricity). Observer-attendant of the scene in Reims of which he is native, he participated in the emergence of artists as Brodinski, The Shoes or The Bewitched Hands. Since 4 years, he pulls this character of disc jockey, story teller over France Culture radio and Gonzaï magazine, guardian music for Latitudes Contemporaines festival, DJ, historian of the sound of the image for The Centre Pompidou, sampler modern of Jacques Tati’s images for the French Institute of Los Angeles. Currently, he proposes on stage two surprising reviews of cult movies Tod Browning’s “Freaks” (1932), and “the Operator” with Buster Keaton (1928).

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