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Nadia Ghadanfar


Of German origin, Nadia received her acting training at the National Theatre of Bonn. From 2003, she was an actress for Antoine Lemaire - Cie THEC and distinguished herself in her interpretations of Sarah Kane: Purifiés (2003), Anéantis (2005). In 2007, she joined Anne Bruneau in the La Fabrique association, within which she staged and performed creations related to her specific body. She invited several artists to collaborate there: the choreographer Marie Letellier for Étranges aCorps (2008), the director Aude Denis and the writer Antoine Lemaire for Mes Amours au loin (2011), the writer Samira El Ayachi and the actor Henri Botte for Ça dure longtemps dans le temps (2018). In 2013, she starred in Aimer si fort by Guy Alloucherie (Cie HVDZ), based on La Maison de la Force by Angelica Liddell. In parallel, she worked with directors such as Thierry Thieu Niang, Françoise Delrue, Arnaud Anckaert, Christophe Piret, Catherine Gilleron, Cédric Orain. Her artistic research focuses on the expression of the intimate, the unsaid, of what emerges beneath the surface.

« She who concentrates in herself all our falls, our fears, our fragilities. Each of her entrances to the stage is a lesson in theater and humanity. Its constant oscillation represents us in our wanderings, our weaknesses. We are with her on the edge of falling, but only on the edge... In this she is one of the figures of our humanity: on the edge of... How this body, so seemingly singular, resembles us so much in reality. How it refers to what we are deep within ourselves. How it is the fair representation of what we are in the world. A fragile being who oscillates between triviality and transcendence, between fall and determination to move forward anyway. » – Nadia Ghadanfar seen by director Aude Denis.

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