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Ali Moini delivers a complex investigation of identity and oppression in Lives.
The tension between his selves—fictional, political, mythical, and real—becomes tangible onstage through a constrictive set, striking projections, and meticulous sound design. As Moini performs a delicate dance in the midst of these fragmented manifestations of self, a haunting meditation on the struggle for reconciliation, reclamation, and freedom emerges.


Conception, Choreography & Scenography Ali Moini
Video, Installation & Accessoiries Fred Rodrigues
Interpretation Ali Moini
Lights & Stage management Augustin Sauldubois
Dramaturgy consultant  Thibaud Croisy
50 minutes
Language Français ou Anglais  (suivant le lieu de représentation)
Production SELON L’HEURE
with the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès within the framework of the New Settings #3 programme
With the support of the  Centre national de danse contemporaine ANGERS and TANZQUARTIER Wien

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