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Stéphanie Aflalo
L’Amour de l’art

Stéphanie Aflalo

Stéphanie Aflalo

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L’Amour de l’art

In her solo Jusqu’à présent, personne n’a ouvert mon crâne pour voir s’il y avait un cerveau dedans, Stéphanie Aflalo dexterously hijacked the rules of the game of philosophy. For L’Amour de l’art, she joined forces with actor and director Antoine Thiollier to “make paintings speak” by transgressing all the codes of discourse on art.

On stage, a rope marker pole separates the actors from the audience, the professionals from the amateurs. Disguised as serious people, laser pointer in hand, two self-proclaimed experts force a statement out of each image, a speech out of each painting, trying, in virtue of the impossible and in the name of theater, to overcome the resistance that the silence of the images opposes to them, refusing, even if it means making a fool of themselves, the chic and sincere silence by which it is appropriate to appreciate the greatness of works of art.

L’Amour de l’art is a playful detour of the conventions that surround the discourse on art, framed by the authority of the museum. Playing on the ambiguity of sabotage, Stéphanie Aflalo and Antoine Thiollier invite the public to an intimate and disconcerting guided tour, culturally incorrect, poetically relevant.

L’Amour de l’art is the second part of the series “récréations philosophiques”, “amateur exploration of high-flying thought”. The first part, Jusqu’à présent, personne n’a ouvert mon crâne pour voir s’il y avait un cerveau dedans, was created in 2019, and the third part, Tout doit disparaître, will be created in 2024.


A project by: Stéphanie Aflalo
Writing and interpretation: Stéphanie Aflalo et Antoine Thiollier
Video creation: Pablo Albandea
Stage management : Romain Crivellari
A show produced by les divins animaux / Fanny Paulhan

Production: johnny stecchino
Executive production: Latitudes Prod. – Lille
Coproduction : Studio-Théâtre de Vitry

With the support of Département Val-de-Marne

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