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Uzi Freyja + NGAIO
Uzi Freyja + NGAIO

Uzi Freyja + NGAIO


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Uzi Freyja + NGAIO

Uzi Freyja

Uzi Freyja was born from the meeting between Kelly Rose and Stuntman5 during an open mic. His flow and energy put everyone in agreement: they started a collaboration the same evening, quickly joined by FotonDanger. Uzi Freyja’s music is both committed and sensual, on prods influenced by artists like Death Grips or Ho99o9.


After a high-voltage live performance, we will move on to a DJ set by NGAIO: a mix of sounds from all over the world and messages that matter, mixing Afro, Baile, Dancehall, Reggaeton, UK Funky and maybe even a bit of Drum & Bass for all the ravers!


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Dans le cadre d’UTOPIA, grande édition thématique de lille3000



Kelly Rose and Stuntman5 first crossed paths at an open-mic session in the streets of Nantes, Combining energy and flow, she was mercilessly mixing playful English and Camerounian vocab with Parisian swag. They begin a collaboration the same evening and were soon joined by FotonDanger to form the puk rap trio, Uzi Freyja.

Kelly Rose grew up in a family of musicians, steeped in the culture of Gospel and Soul Music (James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Nina Simone…). As a teen, Hip-Hop was a vibrant source of inspiration, artists like Eminem, Queen Latifah or Nicki Minaj provided motivation and reinforced her desire to sing and rap.

From freestyles in her bedroom to karaoke with friends, it wasn’t until she’d taken part in a music workshop in high school, that she expressed herself fully, for the first time. Since then, she’s immersed herself in various projects, groups, movements and environments with musicians, artists, dancers, painters and singers … Uzi Freyja’s music is a blend of confrontational, sensual vocals, and hard-hitting electronic production, influenced by artists like Death grips or Ho99o9, among others. UZI FREYJA is a French formation established in 2019, comprised of vocalist-songwriter Kelly Rose, musicians/producers Stuntman5 and FotonDanger.


A force to be reckoned with, NGAIO is more than just a singer. This powerhouse of a performer can switch from a killer DJ set to delivering intricate jazz harmonies with a voice that could have stepped out of the 1940s, to heart hitting spoken word.
It’s rare to find a performer with this many strings to their bow. NGAIO’s versatility as an artist has seen her moving audiences to standing ovations in St George’s Hall with a soul striking vocals, spark tears though truth laden lyrics, destroy dancefloors with selections old and new that take crowds on a journey of nostalgia and discovery and sometimes combine all three! NGAIO’s high energy DJ sets are made up of sounds from around the globe and messages that matter, drawing heavily from her cultural background and travels. Blending bass and global music together, her sets are likely to include Afro, Baile, Dancehall, Reggaeton, UK Funky and maybe even a little bit of Drum & Bass for all the ravers! Founder of Booty Bass. a collective of female and non-binary DJ’s playing bass music that runs through your body, down to your booty, making it pump from the minute you walk in till the minute you twerk out. Since 2018 it’s become a space that celebrates different cultures from across the world. In an industry with predominantly men on the decks and in the crowd, we are here to shake things up! Booty Bass was formed to platform and showcase some other DJ’s. We want to celebrate women and non-binary peoples behind the decks and pon di floor. Empowering women, embracing different cultures, creating an environment with good vibes and a safe space for EVERYONE.