Accueil Nino Laisné and Daniel Zapico Arca ostinata

Nino Laisné and Daniel Zapico
Arca ostinata

Nino Laisné and Daniel Zapico

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  • Concerts
  • Live performance
  • Condition Publique (Roubaix)
  • 1h05

Arca ostinata

Arca ostinata is an opera for a single instrument and a single musician, which travels through several centuries of music in a modulating set channeling a wooden cathedral and a shadowbox theatre. 

Imagined and directed by the singular artist Nino Laisné, Arca ostinata reinvents the universes of the theorbo, a string instrument shaped somewhat like a lute, which originated in the 16th century. Played by the musician Daniel Zapico, the music becomes a sort of odyssey, with a range of repertory running from Rameau to Paul McCartney and including melodies based in South American tradition. The set adds a fantastical dimension: over a wood alcove which echoes the shape of the instrument, images are projected using a series of mirrors, a little like the first images shown on film. All of this is directed live, like a marionette show, such that the set and the lighting have their own roles in this hybrid piece.

After a first successful collaboration in the magnificent Romances inciertos: un autre Orlando (Uncertain romances: another Orlando), with François Chaignaud, Nino Laisné and Daniel Zapico propose an acoustic and visual journey in Arca Ostinata, traveling through different time periods, through fantastical locations, giving the baroque sounds produced by the theorbo a decidedly contemporary resonance.

Accessibility information:
Sudden changes of light, high volume of sound, seated audience



Within the framework of at la Condition Publique, in collaboration with the l’Opéra de Lille, and within the framework of the Biennale Là-Haut.

Upon presentation of a Latitudes Contemporaines ticket, benefit from a reduced rate for the visit of the exhibitions Urbain-es and Des futurs désirables at the Condition Publique.


Nino Laisné graduated in 2009 from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux where he specialised in photography and video. He also studied traditional South American music with guitarist Miguel Garau. It was during this period that the desire to combine cinema, music and contemporary art emerged. He is interested in the marginal identities that evolve in the shadow of history, but also in oral traditions when they are subjected to uprooting.
From 2010, with Os convidados, his images become sound and evoke traditional songs. In 2013, his film In Presence (piedad silenciosa) crystallises the balance between visual and musical writing, around religious reminiscences in Venezuelan folklore. This film also marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with the musicians Daniel and Pablo Zapico, whom he will meet regularly to work on old scores. With Folk Songs (2014) and Esas lágrimas son pocas (2015) he tackles forms close to the documentary about musical traditions in the phenomena of migrations.
His projects have led him to exhibit in many countries such as Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, China and Argentina. He is regularly invited to produce new pieces during creative residencies (Casa de Velázquez – Académie de France in Madrid, FRAC Franche-Comté, Park in Progress in Cyprus and Spain, Pollen in Mon anquin). His video works are also presented in cinemas and festivals, including FID Marseille, FIAC Paris, Papay Gyro Nights Festival in Hong Kong, Festival Internacional de Cinema de Toluca and Festival Periferias de Huesca. Nino Laisné also collaborates with many artists from the performing arts, including the choreographer and amenco dancer Israel Galván (El Amor Brujo), or the puppeteer Renaud Herbin (Open the Owl) or the Spanish choreographer Luz Arcas (Toná).
In 2017, he created the show Romances inciertos, another Orlando, the result of his meeting with François Chaignaud, which they presented at the 72nd Festival d’Avignon. After a hundred or so performances since its creation, the play continued its tour in 20/21 in France and internationally (Australia, Japan, Canada, Chile). In 2018, the tandem shot Mourn, O Nature! a short film for an exhibition at the Grand Palais, inspired by Massenet’s opera Werther. In October 2019, for his new monographic exhibition at the Frac Franche-Comté, Nino Laisné presents l’Air des infortunés, a film that revisits a historical imposture with Cédric Eeckhout and Marc Mauillon.


Director, set design and musical director Nino Laisné
Theorbo Daniel Zapico
Computer music engineer Arthur Frick
Stage management and lighting design Jimmy Boury
Lighting design Charlotte Gautier Van Tour
Construction and stage management Gaby Sittler
Stage design Scène nationale de Besançon, Emmanuel Cèbe (technical director), Michel Petit, Gilles Girardet (carpenters), Ingrid Carré (painter)
Rose creation Matéo Crémades
Production manager Martine Girol
Distribution, production Bureau Platô (Séverine Péan and Marie Croset)
Delegated production Zorongo
Coproduction Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy – Théâtre de Cornouaille Scène nationale de Quimper – Les 2 Scènes, Scène nationale de Besançon – Opéra de Lille – Scène nationale d’Orléans – Le Grand R, Scène nationale de La Roche-sur-Yon – Les Spectacles Vivants – Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Arsenal-Cité musicale de Metz – La Soufflerie – Scène conventionnée de Rezé – Théâtre Molière – Sète, Scène nationale archipel de Thau
Support DRAC Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – Aide au Développement du DICRéAM – Ville de Besançon et Département du Doubs