Accueil François Gremaud Auréliens

François Gremaud

François Gremaud

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  • Live performance
  • Théâtre de l'Oiseau Mouche (Roubaix)
  • 1h
  • Pass Latitudes


Auréliens is a sensitive exhortation to become aware, a movement from the university to the theatre, which places us directly into confronting the “biggest challenge in the history of humanity.”

The words come from the first Aurélien: he recites figures, implacable, the voice is composed, strong, the verb articulate, the word intense, and the grating humor not too out of reach. Aurélien Barrau, an astrophysicist and philosopher, has become over the last few years one of the figureheads of ecological causes, in his lecture “The biggest challenge facing humanity,” given at the University in Lausanne in 2019.

Onstage, a second Aurélien is acting as his megaphone: Aurélien Patouillard performs the text of this lecture detailing the urgency of acting to save the future of the planet. By transferring to the stage a speech which the scientists of the entire world have been repeating for more than 30 years, the director is attempting to speak to our hearts as well as to our minds. Auréliens is not just the latest warning about our ecological dangers; Gremaud uses his staging to intensify his ideas and to encourage the development of the consciousness necessary to step confidently into our future.


Accessibility information:
Texts spoken in French, seated audience


François Gremaud founded the 2b company in Lausanne in 2005. As an actor and director, his stage proposals play with a skilful literalness and a consummate art of the absurd based on concrete and apparently conventional situations. But every time he puts on stage the pleasure of theatre itself, this “living art that never ceases to celebrate the profound joy of being in the world”. The 2b company’s repertoire includes Conférence de choses, co-written and performed by Pierre Misfud, the complete version of which lasts eight hours, and Phèdre, a show with Romain Daroles, first conceived for classes at the invitation of Vidy, which is now touring the world. The evolving X minutes by the Schick/Gremaud/Pavillon collective was presented during the 2015 and 2017 Common Programme. Vidy devoted a week to the repertoire of the 2b company, including the creations of the Gremaud/Gurtner/Bovay collective, in June 2018. It will participate in the Imaginaires des futurs possibles cycle at Vidy in 2019/2020. Giselle… is the second part of the trilogy that François Gremaud intends to devote to three great tragic female figures of the classical performing arts: Phèdre (theatre), Giselle (ballet) and Carmen (Opera).


Conception and direction: François Gremaud.

Text: Conference by Aurélien Barrau, adaptation by François Gremaud. With Aurélien Patouillard.

Production: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, 2b company.

Show created as part of the Théâtre des Futurs possibles, a project conceived and produced by the Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, the University of Lausanne and the Zoein Foundation.

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