The project

Festival Latitudes Contemporaines
An International Festival focused on the contemporary scene

Founded in 2003 in northern France, (now called the Hauts de France region), the Association Latitudes Contemporaines created a festival which focuses on new forms of live performance, in which the body is a primary component. Since its creation, the Festival has characterized itself as an open space for artistic approaches committed to aesthetic, sensitive and/or relational research with its audiences. Key words which apply to the Latitudes Contemporaines Festival are: experience, curiosity, trans-discipline, critical diversity and creativity, and it is considered an excellent place for cultural encounters in tune with the times, targeting a complex, dense multi‑bordered region.
The Festival offers an intense program spanning three weeks in June, including metropolitan Lille, as well as Courtrai and Condette (Château d’Hardelot). It offers a shared space for artistic speech, open to multiple definition but with no restrictions as to form, with a common interest in exchange, featuring all that has meaning and uniqueness in the reality of the 21st century.
Latitudes Contemporaines is a living witness to our time, focusing on the most important questions including the definition of art, the body’s place in society, and sensitively examining the role of the individual as both spectator and creator, identity and the discourse which drives us.


Latitudes Prod.
The production office – a tool which serves contemporary creation

Throughout the year as well as during the Festival, the staff at Latitudes Contemporaines, accompanies and develops projects led by several artists, on an ongoing and long-term basis. Using its international network and the considerable skills of its team, it is an excellent and expert resource, supporting and accompanying a number of artists and their work. The staff is involved in administration, production direction, other aspects of production, touring and communication, but also the cultural engineering of artistic projects. We also counsel artists and their teams in the implementation of developmental strategy.


Operational and strategic counsel
Cultural and artistic engineering counsel

Latitudes Contemporaines is also a work space for the development of cultural and artistic projects, which professional artists may use for the creation, development or continuation of their projects. A young artist may find there the necessary resources to set up a first creative project or to develop his or her first company. A company may find operational or strategic counseling for its development, relying intrinsically on the team at Latitudes Contemporaines, with its experience and expertise, offering other artists the same kind of services it offers the sponsored artists affiliated with its production office.


European projects

Latitudes Contemporaines’ horizons extend well beyond its geographical, political or economic frontiers. As a player in European development, the association participates in European projects and drives others. The association Latitudes Contemporaines is a lead player in the “Open Latitudes” network, bringing together 9 European structures working on the same project. It supports creation via a European production, residency and touring fund, which selects audacious, innovative artistic projects. It has also been the leader of the “Erasmus+” project since 2014, creating working methods which associate cultural players and figures from the socio-educative and pedagogical world. Since 2014, the association has also had an important role in the European “Now” network, whose goal is to lead workshops focused on new methodologies of accompanying artistic projects on a European scale.


Audience development
From the studio to the public square: increasing outreach

Over the year, the different activities of our association allow us to focus on our cultural communication, community outreach and artistic practice, reaching out to all audiences. Our actions are accompanied by our partners, training, integrative and social organizations, as well as the schools and universities, the neighborhoods and the prisons. We have partnered specifically with Alefpa around the region, and with Etre lieu in Arras. With these projects we commit further to our area, participating in its local social and cultural development. We are happy to address the public’s curiosity, while also encouraging its reflection and its analytical and critical spirit.
During the Festival, days of reflection are organized dealing with societal and cultural problems, as well as the renowned Instants Critiques events which after each performance allow audiences and artists to meet and exchange thoughts about the productions.