• 600-x-315-cMalik-Bajaga-Donovan-Goemine
      Yuval Rozman et les jeunes de l'ALEFPA Sécur!té maison Folie Wazemmes Lille 07/06/17 19:30
    • 600-x-315-ElConde-cTitanne-Bregentzer
      El Conde de Torrefiel Guerrilla maison Folie Wazemmes Lille 07/06/17 , 08/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-cFrancois-Chaignaud
      Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud DFS Opéra de Lille Lille 08/06/17 , 09/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-Radouan-Mriziga-cBenjamin-Boar
      Radouan Mriziga 55 La Condition Publique Roubaix 09/06/17 , 10/06/17 19:30
    • 600x315_MP5_phantasmagorica
      MP5 & Teho Teardo Phantasmagorica La Condition Publique Roubaix 09/06/17 21:00
    • 600x315_mp5_root-of-evil_low
      MP5 Creation of a wall fresco La Condition Publique Roubaix 10/06/17 à partir de 15:00
    • 600-x-315-cPhile-Deprez
      Sarah Vanhee / Campo Oblivion La Condition Publique Roubaix 10/06/17 16:00
    • 600-x-315-Sadler-Kalle-Kuikkaniemi
      Colette Sadler We are the monsters La Condition Publique Roubaix 10/06/17 17:00
    • 600-x-315-Fouad-Nafili 1
      Fouad Nafili Sarab “Mirage” + Set from DJ Moulinex La Condition Publique Roubaix 10/06/17 21:00
    • 600-x-315-FR&R-cJolien-Fagard
      Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / Campo DON’T WE DESERVE GRAND HUMAN PROJECTS THAT GIVE US MEANING ? maison Folie Wazemmes Lille 12/06/17 19:30
    • 600-x-315-BC-cGuo
      Bryan Campbell Marvelous Théâtre Massenet Lille 12/06/17 21:00
    • 600-x-315-Milo-Rau-cDaniel-Seiffert
      Milo Rau | IIPM-International Institute of Political Murder Hate Radio La rose des vents, Scène nationale Lille Métropole Villeneuve d'Ascq 13/06/17 , 14/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-El-Conde-cClaudia-Pajewski
      El Conde de Torrefiel La posibilidad que desaparece frente al paiseje maison Folie Wazemmes Lille 14/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-cLeif-Firnhaber
      Lisbeth Gruwez We’re pretty fuckin’ far from okay BUDA Centre d'arts Courtrai (Be) 15/06/17 , 16/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-DD
      DD Dorvillier & Sébastien Roux Only one of many BUDA Centre d'arts Courtrai (Be) 15/06/17 21:30
    • 600_debats
      Idea Debates « Diversities on stage » Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000 Lille 16/06/17 à partir de 14:00
    • 600-x-315-Tania-
      Tania El Khoury As far as my fingertips take me Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000 Lille 16/06/17 , 17/06/17 , 18/06/17 13:00>15:00 & 17:00>19:00
    • 600-x-315-cKate-McIntosh
      Kate McIntosh In Many Hands maison Folie Wazemmes Lille 16/06/17 20:00 - COMPLET 17/06/17 16:00 & 20:00
    • 600-x-315-Mohamed-Lamouri-Benjamin-Caschera
      Mohamed Lamouri + Mostla Soundsystem + Puzupuzu Live | DJ Set Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000 Lille 16/06/17 21:00
    • 600_RUN
      Mehdi-Georges Lahlou Run run baby run run maison Folie Moulins Lille 17/06/17 17:00
    • 600-x-315-Prieur-CSylvere-Hieulle
      Prieur de la Marne Bal Populaire “Douce France” Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000 Lille 17/06/17 21:00
    • Freaks-600-315
      Prieur de la Marne Cinémix : Freaks Gare Saint Sauveur, lille3000 Lille 18/06/17 17:00
    • 600-x-315-cVincent-Cavaroc-
      I-Fang Lin & François Marry En Chinoiseries Le Grand Sud Lille 20/06/17 20:00
    • 600-x-315-cJerome-Delatour
      Anna Halprin / Morton Subotnick / Anne Collod & Guests PARADES & CHANGES, REPLAY IN EXPANSION + DJ SET Le Grand Sud Lille 20/06/17 21:30
    • 600-x-315-Yuval-Pick-cMelanie-Scherer
      Yuval Pick Hydre LaM Villeneuve d'Ascq 24/06/17 , 25/06/17 21:00
    • waiting
      Kubra Khademi | Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / CAMPO | keyon gaskin Performing POP UP 07/06/17 Dates & lieux surprise
    • 600-x-315-Sadler-Kalle-Kuikkaniemi
      Colette Sadler We are the monsters (Condette) Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale, Château d’Hardelot dans le cadre du Midsummer Festival 2017 Condette 09/07/17 17:30
    • Aftermovie
    • Ticketing

      Single tariff per show : 10 €
      Solidary tariff (Minimum social benefits) : 5 €
      Young audience tariff «We are the monsters » : 5 €

      4 shows Pass : 20 €
      6 shows Pass : 30 €

      All pass are personal and nominative
      Tariffs exclude La rose des vents & Opéra de Lille

      Pre-sales available online Data-Export-icon

      By phone : +33 (0)9 54 68 69 04 (transactions by card)
      At the office of Latitudes : Monday to friday, 2pm to 6pm
      Information :

    • Practical informations
      come to the festival

      maison Folie Wazemmes
      70 rue des Sarrazins – 59000 Lille
      + 33 (0)3 20 78 20 23
      Métro ligne 1 – Station Gambetta ou Wazemmes / Métro ligne 2 : Montebello

      maison Folie Moulin
      47/49 Rue d’Arras – 59000 Lille
      +33 (0)3 20 52 71 24
      Métro ligne 1 – Porte de Douai

      La Condition Publique
      14 Place du Général Faidherbe – 59100 Roubaix
      + 33 (0)3 28 33 57 57
      Métro ligne 2 – Station Eurotéléport

      Gare Saint Sauveur | lille3000
      Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas – 59000 Lille
      + 33 (0)3 28 52 30 00
      Métro ligne 2 – Station Mairie de Lille ou Lille Grand Palais

      La rose des vents, Scène nationale Lille Métropole
      Boulevard Van Gogh BP 10153 – 59653 Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex
      +33 (0)3 20 61 96 96
      Métro ligne 1 – Hôtel de Ville

      L’Opéra de Lille
      2 Rue des Bons Enfants – 59000 Lille
      + 33 (0)8 20 48 90 00
      Métro ligne 2 – Station Rihour ou Gare Lille Flandres

      LaM, Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne
      1 Allée du Musée, Villeneuve-d’Ascq

      +33 (0)3 20 19 68 68
      Métro Ligne 1, station Pont de Bois + bus Liane 4, direction Halluin – Gounod,  arrêt L.A.M
      Métro Ligne 2, station Fort de Mons + bus 59 direction Contrescarpe arrêt L.A.M

      BUDA Centre d’Arts
      10 rue des Capucins / Kapucijnenstraat 10 – 8500 Courtrai / Kortrijk (Belgique)
      + 32 (0)2 56 22 10 01

      Le Grand Sud
      50 rue de l’Europe – 59000 Lille
      + 33 (0)3 20 88 89 90
      Accès : Métro ligne 2 – Station Porte des Postes ou Porte d’Arras

      Théâtre Massenet
      Rue Massenet – 59800 Lille
      + 33 (0)3 20 04 81 65
      Métro ligne 1 – Fives

      Centre Culturel de l’Entente Cordiale, Château d’Hardelot
      1 Rue de la Source – 62360 Condette
      +33 (0)3 21 21 73 65

    • WIth audiencies of the festival

      The festival : a key moment in mediation projects

      Each year the Latitudes Contemporaines Festival features the activities of the association.
      With a dense program and scheduling over a 3 week period in the Eurométropole, Latitudes presents propositions which reflect our society, at a time which is more and more multiform and complex. Tools for its decryption are therefore essential.

      Alefpa and Latitudes Contemporaines: from training to creation

      Beginning in 2010, Latitudes Contemporaines and the Housing Service of Alefpa (Secular Association for Education, Training, Prevention and Autonomy) have developed a close collaboration in the service of training young people and increasing their professionalism. This accompaniment focuses on the creation of concrete conditions for autonomy in everyday life and the enrichment of their journey toward social and professional integration.
      To that end, Latitudes implements, jointly with these young people, a training project requiring their active participation in the organization of the Latitudes Contemporaines Festival through specific work placements. Courses in catering, hosting and technique are offered.
      These courses promote the development and the validation of skills while also motivating encounters and artistic exchanges. The participative aspect of this approach is unique and involves young people, important cultural players and social workers who accompany the program. Since 2010, 60 young people have participated in the seven editions of the Festival.


      Festival Latitudes Contemporaines 2017 - Jour 1 - Collectif des Routes-19


      Choreographic workshops with ALEFPA

      Each year, a dozen young students from the Educational Network of ALEFPA participate in the creation of a short choreographic or performative work with a guest artist brought in by Latitudes Contemporaines. This has allowed the students to discover, in a variety of practical workshops, a number of different artistic universes, notably Marie-Caroline Hominal (2012), Nadia Beugré (2013), Vincent Thomasset (2014), Lenio Kaklea (2015) and Alexandre Roccoli (2016).

      For the 2017 edition, we have asked Yuval Rozman to share his work as a writer and director. Working together in several writing workshops, they developed a work based on the theme of security.

      We will share a public space. We will look around, observe, ask certain questions and assess the difficulties. We will try to find, to build a common language and a way of connecting. We will examine how we can secure a public space, following and replicating the ‘ballets’ created by security agents on the move. Can this imposed vocabulary still create beauty? Will these new ways of thinking create a new work of choreography ? – Yuval Rozman


      Interactive projects: total immersion into the artist’s universe

      The hosting of interactive projects during the Festival is an opportunity to collaborate with different associations from around the metropolitan area. In 2012, almost 60 amateur dancers worked with the many artistic groups programmed during the Festival.
      In 2014 and 2015, we continued this same approach with local amateurs, and more than 150 dancers from the Lille metropolitan area and the surrounding region came to the Festival and worked with a number of artistic groups. We also established partnerships with certain training institutions in dance and theatre, including the Ecole Supérieure Musique et Danse Nord de France, the School of the Ballet du Nord/ CCN in Roubaix, the Lille Conservatory, the Esa and the University of Lille 3, offering students the possibility of learning about a project in process, meeting artistic staff and working toward professionalization.
      In 2017, the show Guerilla by the spanish company El Conde de Torrefiel gathered 80 amateurs, inhabitants of Lille Metropole to question together the future of Europe.


      Repetitions MFW - Projets participatifs - Latitudes Contemporaines 2017 - Collectif des Routes (7)


      Presentation of the programming

      A privileged time where Latitudes Contemporaines unveils the rich and eclectic program of the festival. The favorites, the highlights and the anecdotes of the edition by the Latitudes team, one month before the inauguration, during an evening “apéromix” at the Gare Saint Sauveur.
      The programming of the Festival is also presented to its partners: high school students, other students, people accompanied by various social structures, residents … as well as all those interested in seeing what will be happening onstage and off.
      The presentation at structures which are part of the Crédit Loisirs network, run by the Mission Locale in Lille, allows us to reach a segment of the population for whom access to live performing arts is neither easy nor probable.




      Accommodating groups during the Festival

      Many cultural actions happen around and during the Festival. The team at Latitudes Contemporaines is fully focused on developing a relationship with its audiences, improving its longevity and quality by developing a variety of adaptive projects planned for program continuity. Open rehearsals, school performances and the presentation of the Festival to its audiences are organized around Festival programming, always in connection with the partners and cultural structures of the Festival.


      Festival Latitudes Contemporaines 2017 - Jour 4 - Collectif des Routes-7


      Around the debates on ideas

      Echoing the themes addressed in the festival, we wanted to share our thoughts and intermediate with various partners in the fields of national education, social and training. Artistic workshops, classroom interventions and theme-based screenings and debates, such as “Diversities on stage” in 2017, are all formats that allow us to meet the most diverse audiences.


      Festival Latitudes Contemporaines 2017 - Restitution projet FAS - Collectif des Routes-10

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      Formulaire de reservations pour les professionnels (to come)