INFRA · Inclusive Network For Refugee Artists is a network which aims to favour the social and professional integration of artists in exile in Europe. Led by six cultural structures, INFRA aims to support these artists in the creation of professional links with the European cultural sector.

The social, economic and democratic crises European societies are currently experiencing threaten the human freedoms of creation and expression. Believing that social cohesion can only exist when culture, art and democracy work together, INFRA has chosen to support the work of refugee artists in exile in Europe. Their path to social and professional integration is inherent to their individual processes, as well as the fight for the preservation and respect of their rights. Thus, the main aim of INFRA is to facilitate their understanding of their new environment by offering them individual support and by validating their competences and talents.

The presence of these artists in Europe is a cultural, artistic, social and economic opportunity. By allowing them to create freely, INFRA aims to encourage the appearance of a diverse and inclusive European consciousness.

The project

To support these artists in growing their projects, INFRA has implemented a series of actions. Over the 2 year duration of the programme (October 2019 > October 2021), 16 artists will take part in the project, which will include a separate training cycle as well as periods of creation, including:

· Workshops with emerging and experienced artists;
· Courses on administration, production, distribution, communication and legal matters;
· Week-long artistic residencies;
· Public presentations and performances of the artists’ work during international events & festivals.

In order to promote these intercultural exchanges, encounters with audiences will also be organised.

The artists

The artists taking part in the project will be announced in September… Stay tuned !


The workshops will start again in the autumn. Dates to come…

The partners

INFRA is an innovative gathering, on a European level, of the professional practices of six cultural organizations coming together in the interests of accompanied artists and performing arts professionals. Each cultural structure is experienced in the individual support of artists. The network is thus based on the complementarity of its committed partners:

· Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille (France)
· Vooruit, Gent (Belgium)
· The Music and Drama State Theatre, Tbilisi (Georgia)
· Teatro di Roma, Roma (Italy)
· MIRfestival, Athens (Greece)
· La Cambre, Brussels (Belgium)

In time, INFRA aims to build a permanent network.

The methodological guide

In time, INFRA will be considered a reference in the European field of professional accompaniment of artists in exile. Over the two years of the project, INFRA partners will exchange information about their respective accompaniment practices.

At the end of the project, in October 2021, these exchanges will be published in the form of a methodological guide. The aim of this guide is to enable other cultural organizations interested in accompanying artists in exile to easily understand the stakes inherent in the effort. In this way, other European cultural actors may join INFRA, to make it a real network of exchanges, solidarity and sharing between artists, mediators, audiences, and the professional sector.

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INFRA is supported by the European Commission within the framework of its international cooperation program Creative Europe.