Talking about love and healing in tragedy: this is the project of O BANQUETE, by Brazilian choreographer and dancer Ana Pi. A wink to Plato’s exclusively male banquet, Ana Pi invites Mylia Mary, her aunt, and philosopher Maria Fernanda Novo to dance and cook with her an emblematic Brazilian recipe. For these three Black women, this banquet is a reason to evoke, in gestures and rhythm, today’s Brazil, and to suggest a reflection on the notions of heritage, of affect and of resistance.


Creation: Ana Pi
Interpretation:  Mylia Mary, Maria Fernanda Novo & Ana Pi
Music:  Aishá Lourenço
Philosophical advice: Dr Maria Fernanda Novo
Costumes: @remexefavelinha | Carla et Mili

Realisation | Associação Cultural Videobrasil
Conception and co-production | Estúdio Baile
Collaboration | Institut Français de São Paulo
Partnerships | Mostra Verbo, Galeria Vermelho et Fonte Residência.
Conception and coordination | Thereza Farkas
Production | Clarissa Ximenez, João Simões
Advice and curation| Clarissa Saccheli
Research coordination and advice | Ruy Luduvice
Archives | Juliana Costa
Audiovisual technician | Fábio Kawano
Social media| Marcos Visnadi

Thanks to | Carolina Mendonça, Louis Logodin, Marcelo Amorim, Marcos Gallon, Maurício Ianês, Nino Cais, Simone Moraes, Telma Baliello, Equipe Galeria Vermelho, Equipe Centro Cultural São Paulo, Vicente Alcântara