Stéphanie Aflalo


Stéphanie Aflalo is an author, stage director, actress and musicien. In parallel to her drama studies, she followed a Master in philosophy, and wrote her theses about Nietzsche and Bataille. She played under the direction of Marion Chobert, Maya Peillon, Milena Csergo, Hugo Mallon, Bruno Baradat, Grégoire Schaller (Crash, co-directed with Florian Pautassso), Yuval Rozman (Tunnel Boring Machine, The Jewish Hour), and Florian Pautasso (Quatuor Violence, Incroyable Irraisonné Impossible Baiser, Flirt, Tu iras la chercher, Notre Foyer, Loretta Strong, Les Perdants, Zoo). She directed Graves épouses/animaux frivoles by Howard Barker, Lettres Mortes (letters by psychiatric patients and last words of prisoners sentenced to death), and two soli: Histoire de l’œil, adapted from Georges Bataille’s novel, and Jusqu'à présent, personne n'a ouvert mon crâne pour voir s'il y avait un cerveau dedans, inspired by Wittgenstein’s philosophy. This piece is the first part of a long term project baptized “Philosophical recreations”, which weave theatre and philosophy, theory and practice, in intimate and playful ways. In 2022, she joins the Compagnie des divins Animaux, created dy Florian Pautasso. Since 2022, her projects are accompanied by Latitudes Prod.

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