Year – round projects with our audiences

Latitudes imagines and adapts on a year-round basis spaces for living, for exchange, and accompanying exchanges, facilitating the presence of artists in our region, inspiring debate and capitalizing on our common ambition to work together. The activities of Latitudes are important bases for other communication actions, reinforcing its links to professionals in the social action field.

In its presence in the areas where Latitudes collaborates, and by actively participating in cultural and social development with its partners and actions, it maintains a tolerance and respect for the dignity of all individuals, seeking the further evolution of these practices for mutual recognition and personal emancipation.


in prison settings

In 2012, the choreographic artist Latifa Laâbissi led workshops at the prison center of Annoeullin with her project envie de dire, and since then Latitudes has decided to pursue this activity, with support from the Association Hors-Cadre, of the SPIP and the SMPR, proposing a new project, corps et dépendances (bodies and dependencies) with the choreographic artist and dramaturg Boris Hennion.
This project is part of the global approach to the reduction of risks initiated by the interministerial project fighting addiction (drugs), which is a priority in current public health policy.
We intend to develop workshops focusing on health, targeting incarcerated audiences or those recently released from prison, with addictions to legal or illegal psycho-active substances. Workshops were also held at ATRE, an important Latitudes partner since 2008.


French National Education

Latitudes intervenes with very young audiences by developing general awareness and offering body awareness workshops in the schools in Lille as well as middle and high schools of the metropolitan area. Its pedagogical strategy:

Encouraging self-esteem, an acceptance and exploration of the body (“my body in depth, the sensitive body, my body in space”), a crucial part of moving into adolescence.
Promoting group cooperation and solidarity (building trust, inspiring trust): preparation for civic awareness and living in society
Promoting creativity, linking the work to repertory, awakening curiosity, encouraging the child to widen his or her field of perception and to develop his or her sense of analysis.

The pedagogical content is used as part of a process, a pathway toward autonomy, creativity, trust, sharing, and introducing the children to the arts and to the world.